Customizable Light Rings

Just like your musical taste, the headphones you wear say a lot about who you are - for some people, it’s even more of a fashion statement. A key part of the Arc design and experience are the customizable LED light rings. You’re able to choose your personal color at any time using the mobile app or the touch controls. If you’re broadcasting, anyone who joins your station syncs up to your color! Of course, you can also dim or turn off the backlight entirely if you prefer to be more low key.

There are 4 modes for the LED light rings. 

FULL RGB SPECTRUM: Any RGB color you want, so you can match an outfit or show off your favorite colors!

MULTICOLOR: We know that there are different combos that look really awesome. You will be able to set the Arc light ring to be any combination of colors you want!

PULSING: You will have the option to set the Arc’s light ring to pulse to the beat of your music. If multiple people listen together, all of their Arcs will pulse in unison! You will also be able to set the Arc to pulse at a steady tempo, or pulse between different colors.

ALBUM ART MATCHING: With this feature, you won't have to worry about setting the color! Choose this setting and the light rings will match the album art of the current album cover that's currently playing.

Check out this demo video to see the lights in action!  

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