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As music lovers ourselves, we know that music is one of the most powerful ways to connect with someone - whether they’re an old friend or a new acquaintance. We never liked the way that headphones automatically close you off from everyone around you (although in many cases, that’s useful!), so we built Arc to be the first pair of headphones that let you wirelessly sync up with multiple friends and listen together.

To accomplish this, we designed a mesh networking protocol on top of standard Bluetooth audio profiles, allowing Arc to relay music wirelessly between multiple units and listen in sync. Now you can easily introduce your friends to the artists you love most, or discover new music through people around you.

The Wearhaus App makes sharing music with your friends easy. It works in tandem with Arc, displaying a feed of stations nearby and controlling privacy settings as well as headphone color. Check out a quick demonstration below!

We’ve tested broadcasting with up to six other people at a time, with a range of 100 feet outdoors and 65 feet indoors. Though theoretically Arc can support unlimited listeners, we're constantly working to test and increase the maximum range and number of connections, and will push firmware improvements to the headphones.

Other Wearhaus Arc Features

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