Touch Control

In our countless hours of user research, we noticed a pattern among almost every brand we tested; the simple act of changing volume or song required whipping out your phone or fumbling with buttons. That seemed like a terribly unnatural way to control your music, so we made sure to tackle that problem too while designing the Arc.

Tap to play or pause

Swipe forward for next song

Swipe backward for previous song

Swipe up to increase volume


Swipe down to decrease volume


A touch-sensitive panel on the right earcup allows you to control playback with simple, intuitive gestures. You can play/pause your music with a single tap, swipe to move between songs and change volume, or control sharing functionality, all without having to touch your phone.

Check out our demo video to see the gestures!

Other Wearhaus Arc Features

Sync + Share

Custom Light Rings

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